An Ale-gebra Formula To Drink By

When I founded my business  School of Booze  to educate about…
28th September 2020/by Jane Peyton

The Clean Vic

George Orwell’s fictitious perfect pub, The Moon Under Water…
27th July 2019/by Jane Peyton

Crown Liquor Saloon – Queen of Gin Palaces

If you are a devotee of lavish Victorian pubs then Madam Geneva…
21st July 2019/by Jane Peyton

More is More – The Blackfriar pub, London

It’s show-time!  That phrase sings in my head each time I…
17th July 2019/by Jane Peyton

Cider – The Most Misunderstood Drink on the Bar?

A woman walks into a pub.  If that sounds like the first line…
17th February 2019/by Jane Peyton

No-Low – It’s All Go

In 2008 I founded a business called School of Booze to educate…
30th December 2018/by Jane Peyton

Flavour Fireworks Courtesy of Mahou’s Barrel Aged Lager

When I received an invitation to visit the Mahou Brewery in Madrid…
21st November 2018/by Jane Peyton

On Planet Beer America is Leader of the Free World

A few years ago I was quoted in the Daily Telegraph about how…
24th August 2018/by Jane Peyton

I Owe It All To Ena Sharples

One of my friends was so inspired by Betty Boothroyd, first female…
31st July 2018/by Jane Peyton

Britain’s Pub Crisis – Use it Or Lose It

Imagine life without the pub. Where would we go to meet friends,…
27th July 2018/by Jane Peyton

Nation Shall Speak Beer Unto Nation – A Manifesto

Soft Power is the ability to attract without coercion. Hard power…
27th July 2018/by Jane Peyton

Booze: A Universal Language

According to NASA the Universe is composed of dark energy, dark…
6th January 2018/by Jane Peyton
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