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Cider – The Most Misunderstood Drink on the Bar?

A woman walks into a pub.  If that sounds like the first line of a joke, you’re right but this one is a bad joke.  She asked for a cider but was served with a glass of beer.  When she pointed out the barman’s mistake he responded condescendingly ‘Beer and cider – it’s the same thing’.  That unfortunately is a true story. I know, I overheard the conversation.

I doubt that he is the only one who is clueless about cider. I regularly hear and read people referring to cider breweries.  Cider is not apple beer and is not brewed. It is made in a cidery by pressing apples and fermenting the juice. Like wine is with grapes.

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Jane Peyton Becomes Britain’s First Accredited Pommelier (Cider Sommelier)

Jane Peyton was accredited by the Beer & Cider Academy as Britain’s first Pommelier (Cider Sommelier) on September 25th 2018.  The Pommelier accreditation consists of sitting and passing a series of courses and exams, being able to blind taste and identify different styles of cider and perry, ability to identify and describe production faults in cider and perry, compiling a cider & food gustation menu, and displaying on-going advocacy for cider.   Gabe Cook, the Ciderologist conceived, wrote, teaches and accredits the Pommelier scheme.

The i Newspaper reported the news on page three of the publication (see below).