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“Jane is a natural and engaging speaker. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of her subject and easily captures and keeps her audience’s attention. I can also vouch for her energy and enthusiasm. We worked together at a 5-day event where she was required to give the same presentation multiple times each day. She did this with ease, keeping it fresh and entertaining each time.”

Amanda Barry Hirst- Third Rock Communications

“Jane has spoken at the Ideal Food and Drink Theatre at the Ideal Home Show several times now and each time her talks are engaging, informative and entertaining! Jane has a great enthusiasm for her work and a heap of knowledge to go with it! The audience always have a wonderful time and go away learning something new which is only possible when you are working with a fantastic speaker.”

Tabitha Neill, Quantum Media Ltd.

Hello, thanks for visiting my website.

My first novel will be published in January 2023. Sole Brethren: If The Shoe Fits by B.A. Summer (my pen name) is a witty romp set in contemporary London.

One reviewer described it as: ” an unforgettable ride with a cast of characters as preternaturally gifted as they are charming.”